About Us

It all started with the “My Baby Bubut” online store sometime in 2012. Our eldest, born in 2010, became our inspiration for the store’s name. You guessed it right…we called him our “baby bubut.” As the name suggests, we only sell baby stuff during that time—clothes, accessories, etc. Our youngest was later born in 2012. Years went by, and our babies became toddlers. We shifted from baby accessories to educational books, toys, etc.

A few more years went by, and our toddlers became schoolboys. Around the same time, Bento became a trend. With my creativity and of course my love for my kids, I decided to try it. I enjoyed it a lot, and before we knew it, we had shifted to selling Bento tools! Since Bento tools no longer match “My Baby Bubut,” we decided to open a new online store dedicated to Bento tools and accessories. Of course, “Bento” must be a part of the name. We added “Baby” because our two toddlers will always be our babies. So initially it was named “My Baby Bento.” Later on, we renamed it “Bento Baby” and added “PH” for obvious reasons. Hence the name “BentoBaby.PH.” The year was 2015. At that time, I was still working full-time in the corporate world. I can only attend my online shop after office hours. Being an employee, a mom, and an entrepreneur, I found it difficult to maintain the shop. With the difficulty of finding a trustworthy nanny for my kids, I decided to resign from my job and concentrate on the kids and my shop.

In 2017, I became a full-fledged mompreneur. We expanded our product line from Japan Torune Bento accessories to Yumbox, MontiiCo Insulated Drink Bottles, Lunchpunch Sandwich Cutters, Funbites Sandwich Cutters, Drink in the Box, Snack in the Box, and Stix long food picks. We also tried Bento Catering, but with my husband being an OFW, I found it difficult to handle on my own.

The baby’s image in our logo came from the combined pictures of our two boys when they were still babies. The smiling face came from a picture of our eldest, taken way back in 2011 when he was around a year old, while the shoulder and arms came from a picture of our youngest, which was taken in 2012 when he was just a few months old. Look at the pictures and you’ll figure it out.

We are happy to have grown a lot since those humble times in 2012. We are glad to have helped moms who found it difficult to feed their picky kids by using our products along with their creativity. Our goal is to help more! We are proud of you, mommies! We love all the pictures that you have been sending us! Keep them coming!