Torune Animal Mini Bowl Cup, 3 cups Per Pack (P-2969) by Torune


Torune Animal Mini Bowl Cup, 3 cups Per Pack (P-2969)

Each set includes 3 animal cups of varying sizes – Chick (Hiyoko) 4cc, Pig (Buta) 15cc and Panda 19cc, all of which are so kawaii and are ready to happily receive and transport sauce, dressings, and small pieces of fruit. Great for thick sauce like ketchup and mayonnaise. Also used for pickles, salad, small fruits etc. Not for liquids. Pack condiment separately using these cute, mini containers. 3 designs included. Snap lid prevents spills. Not leak-proof. You can also keep daily vitamins inside these cups!

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Product Features and Specifications

Material : ABS
Package & manual are written in Japanese
Product Dimensions:
Panda : abt. 38×46.5×46.5 mm (Capacity : abt. 19 ml)
Pig : abt. 34×41×41 mm (Capacity : abt. 15 ml)
Chick : abt. 34.5×31×31 mm (Capacity : abt. 4 ml)
Item Weight: abt. 46g

Additional information

Weight 46 g


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