Torune Bento Silicone Lettuce Leaf Food Dividers (P-2987) by Torune


Make your bento lunch more colorful.
These silicone food separators are perfect for preventing different food items from touching each other, and they also give your lunch a charming garden theme.

Each pack contains 5 dividers.

  • Microwave oven OK
  • Recyclable and washable silicone type.


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Lettuce (large): approx. 86 x 100 x 2.5
Lettuce (small): approx. 101 x 65 x 2.5
Leaf (large): approx. 89 x 34 x 2
Leaf (medium): approx. 74 x 42 x 2
Leaf (small): approx. 55 x 48 x 2

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Weight 20 g


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