Torune Omusubi Maker/Rice Mold ‘Animals’ Bear Elephant Fish (P-2821) by Torune


Torune Omusubi Maker/Rice Mold ‘Animals’ Bear Elephant Fish (P-2821)

🌸 Authentic and directly imported from Japan

Shaped rice is a classic component of traditional Japanese bento. This set allows you to easily shape rice as an adorable bear, elephant or fish to bring extra cute and fun appeal to your bento boxes. With our set of 3 very cute sandwich cutters, your child is going to be super excited about his or her lunch box. If you don’t have kids, use them for yourself or your partner. Imagine the face of your husband/boyfriend when he opens his lunch box in front of his colleagues! It would be an awesome practical joke or you never know, he may end up being the envy of all his colleagues!

These cutters are very versatile. You can use them to cut sandwiches, ham, cheese and carrot slices.

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Product Features and Specifications

Cutter (Alphabet) : Polypropylene
Package & manual are written in Japanese
Product Dimensions :
Bear : abt. 59 × 48.5 × 35 mm
Elephant : abt. 44.5 × 58.5 × 35 mm
Fish : abt. 45.5 × 62 × 36 mm
Weight : abt. 56g

Additional information

Weight 56 g


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